Why Asheville Is a Great Place to Own a Home 

Why Asheville Is a Great Place to Own a Home 

Whether you hail from Asheville, North Carolina, or are venturing into the “Land of the Sky” as a visitor or someone looking to relocate, there is no denying that this city is special. In the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounded by national parks of renown, Asheville’s natural beauty is equaled only by its vibrant, diverse culture. All of this - and more - makes Asheville a great place to own a home. 


 Just a few of the reasons Asheville is a great place to own a home:

1. Excellent Location

As mentioned, Asheville is a beautiful place to call home. With the Blue Ridge as a backdrop,  we have endless miles of hikes to enjoy, waterfalls to marvel over, and scenery that will take your breath away. We’ve got camping and glamping, white water rafting and kayaking, hiking and biking, and much more. 

The weather is fairly temperate: it’s the south, so we do get hot, humid summers (but rarely above 89℉). In the winter, the temperature does dip below freezing (rarely below 14℉). Springs and falls are temperate and lovely.

2. Strong Local Economy

Picturesque and idyllic, Asheville is also a fantastic place to own a home because of the local economy. The thriving $20 billion economy is largely driven by manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality. There are ample education, training, and employment options. Business-friendly Asheville is ranked the #2 Best Business Climate in North Carolina and #12 Best Places for Businesses and Careers, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

Further, the cost of living in Asheville is lower than the US average. Use the Asheville Chamber of Commerce’s Cost of Living calculator to see a comparison between Asheville and the city from which you are relocating.

3. Vibrant Downtown

Downtown Asheville offers a diverse array of dining, shopping, and cultural options. The atmosphere is friendly, and residents and visitors alike love the locally-owned shops, farm-to-table eateries, galleries, museums, festivals, music venues, and other attractions that make it feel like home. 

The history of Asheville is written on each step you take downtown; in fact, the city’s historical museum is outside, along the sidewalks. You can take a self-guided tour along the “Urban Trail” and complete a scavenger hunt while learning about Asheville’s past. You can also visit Triangle Park on South Market Street for weekly gatherings hosted by the Just Folks Organization. You’ll learn about the history of “The Block,” which was the central business district for the Black community in the 19th/20th centuries. Every Saturday, enjoy tours, music, food, and meeting and greeting neighbors.

4. Great Schools

In addition to nationally ranked K-12 schools, Asheville is home to UNC Asheville, Montreat College, A-B Tech, Warren Wilson College, and Mars Hill University. Additionally, there are several lifelong learning opportunities offered by institutions like A-B Tech, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (affiliated with UNC Asheville), and abundant local classes on everything from the fine arts to the trades.

5. The “Happiest City in America”

Asheville is nationally recognized for a number of reasons: it is, for example, “Beer City USA” - but more importantly, we’ve also been ranked as the “Happiest City in America.” Downtown is bustling and vibrant; Western Asheville is funky and eclectic; North Asheville is elegant, historic, and diverse; South Asheville is urbane and welcoming; and East Asheville is known for its diverse landscape, including beautiful Kenilworth.

Each neighborhood has its own distinct flavor, but they all share Asheville’s famous hospitality, warmth, and charm.

Are you ready to call Asheville home? The dream of homeownership is within reach, and we cannot think of a more beautiful, enriching, and rewarding place to live! Contact us today!